Dear Mom and Dad,

I really wish you could have been here to see what transpired this past week. It was nothing less than unbelievable, the magnitude of which we have never seen. You would have been so proud. Literally thousands of folks came out to support the Dairy King one more time, each one mentioning you and what you meant to our community. Not only as a business but also, as selfless servants to everyone you encountered. Your love of God, family and humanity was always on display whether at work, at Vultee Church of Christ or at our beloved Glencliff school, grades 1 – 12. It would have been precious to have you both sitting at that front table greeting each person and receiving the accolades you so deserve. But you know that because your spirit has been there every day. Reminders are always there. You have never left the hearts of anyone who ever met you. And it only took one meeting to know you. Over and over, we heard people say, when they would have a conversation, you made them feel like they had known you forever, as if there were sitting at their mother’s table. What a compliment.

Carolyn and I did our absolute best to continue that legacy which we were so blessed to have been a part of. We are so thankful of the opportunity we were given. I have always said that the great product and the great reputation preceded me. One would have to be an idiot to have failed. The last 32 years have not been easy but, the rewards have been amazing. I know you know this because, you both did it for so many years. Many times, Mom, you told Carolyn, “I am praying for you, y’all are working too hard”. You knew the struggle small business owners go through so, we know that you support this incredibly difficult decision. I know you understand, I know we have your blessings. We are exhausted but, most importantly, we are so proud that you both were able to be an active part of the Dairy King until literally your last days. It was only fitting. And we were blessed that God’s timing to call you home was not a burden on any of us with no long illnesses. You both left us with such grace and honor.

And as we close this historical chapter in the lives of so many, we can only say how proud we are. Proud to have been born into this family with such strong pillars of foundation as the leaders. We were lucky.  Your influence, with your work ethic and with your faith and daily walk a true Christians, is always present with every member of our now large extended family. Every child, grandchild, and great grandchild.


Jeff, Carolyn, our entire family, and all of Nashville

Carolyn and I also must take this time and thank everyone who supported us, especially this past week. We asked our amazing staff to perform tasks that could never have been imagined. The volume of prep required to enable the massive output of food was simply overwhelming. They pulled it off. They kept the steam tables stocked, prepped for next insane day and at the end of each challenging day, we had to perform our normal closing and cleaning duties. These guys the greatest.

I have known Eric Marsh since I worked at Bennigans in1985. He worked part time through the 90s and came to us full time when Bennigans closed in 2000. He is the leader. He has one speed: go, all day every day with the same steady attitude of total teamwork. Lawsenita Gaines came to us in 1997 at an exceedingly difficult time in my life and hit it off with my mom like no one ever has. I was fortunate enough for Mom to give her personal training and took over my 6:00 am cooking duties which enabled me to do more purchasing chores as my dad was aging. What can I say about Peggy Diehl Hunter? She came with the building when we bought in 1970. She came back to work for us in 2000 and we have depended on her for so many things. Most importantly arriving at work at 6:00 am every day to oversee prep. Jimbo Glidwell came to work for us as a senior at GHS in 2007. He is a prep machine. Meaghan Martin has been with us since 2011. Lona Fraizer since 2016. Lowan Rose and Chasity Worrall are the newcomers and both hung in there during the insanity of this past week. To have employees with such tenure in the restaurant business is unheard of. We just took after my folks. I always say, “we don’t hire you; we adopt you”, and that is true. Each and every one is like family to us.

Last but not least, our children. Taylor Jones stood on a milk crate beside Big Daddy at the old Dine In building and learned from the best how to greet and converse with people. Bruno Jones has always been there for us, especially with the most recent t-shirt campaign. We sold out of shirts this week and somehow, he was able to print another batch for Friday. We sold out of those as well. Jonathan Osborne started washing dishes for us when we opened the new place in 2010. Kaitlin Osborne has been hanging out since that time as well and turned in to an awesome server and co-worker with her wonderful sense of humor which helps keep us all going. I would also like to thank my brothers Philip and Tim for always supporting us, especially with this most recent decision.

Finally, Carolyn. My wife, my partner, my best friend, my rock. I could not have done any of this without her. Most importantly, she keeps me on an even keel. I have been known in the past to be a little crazy when under pressure. She keeps me in line. People wonder how we get along so well when we are around each other 24 hours a day. With her, its easy.  She needs me, I need her. Our rolls are totally different but, together we make a great team. She completes me.

And most important, I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without whom, none of this would have been possible.

So, stay tuned as we venture into the next chapter of our lives. We do not know what the future holds, and we are excited to actually have quality time with our family and get some rest. On behalf of the entire Jones family and all that have been a part of the Jones era of the Dairy King, we thank you for 50 years of support and devotion. Nashville, especially Woodbine, we love you.

God bless,




For over 40+ years, the Jones family has had the pleasure of serving the Nashville – Woodbine neighborhood. After the massive flood hit the former Dairy King location, we received an overwhelming amount of support from everyone in the surrounding areas to help us get back on our feet and back in the kitchen. Our thanks goes out to everyone who helped financially, with cleanup, and of course, for the much needed prayers.

After a short hiatus to rebuild at our new location on E. Thompson, the Dairy King is back in business! Come see us and get reacquainted with a grateful old friend.